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Monitoring noise in HIV gene expression

Depiction of a 20-hour time-lapse movie (time = vertical axis) for a population of T-cells infected with two HIV promoters expressing GFP and mCherry reporters. Cells expressing both fluoresce yellow and heterogeneity (or "noise") in viral gene expression are demonstrated by single cells that express either red or green. Our lab is interested in HIV and "noise" at the single-cell level, how it can be modulated to better understand the virus and how it can be used in developing drug therapies.

Single-cell imaging in the lab

Single-cell imaging experiment video, T-cells noise.   Single-cell imaging experiment video, B-cells noise.
Examples of long-duration single-cell imaging experiments of T- and B-cells under drug perturbations.
Displayed in the videos are 20- to 24-hour experiments.
Cells marked with a red dot are tracked for additional analysis.

In case of technical difficulties with the videos linked above, the following links provide .avi versions:
T-cell video
B-cell video.